Jason Kraehling
Customer Testimonial
"We are climbing hills we could never climb before we had the deflation system on. Right away you can tell how much easier it pulls in the field. We had a check valve break and Jake replaced it right away - support has never been an issue. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again and I actually wish I had gotten it sooner because I know I am seeing savings with it."
- Jason Kraehling, Kraehling Farms
Cliff Horst
Customer Testimonial
"We installed the system ourselves and AgriBrink was very supportive. If we buy a new tanker we would absolutely put this system on again - even if it wasn't for the custom work we do - just on our own ground we would definitely want it on."
- Cliff Horst, Country Custom Ag
Sebastian Kraft
Customer Testimonial
"We've been impressed with AgriBrink's tire inflation system and the high quality of the components which have ensured our success in getting field work done without issues. This is a very well thought out system and more importantly AgriBrink stands behind their product 100%"
- Sebastian Kraft, Woodbine Pork Inc.
George Heinzle
Customer Testimonial
"We've found that in soft fields the system makes a big difference. It pulls easier and sinks much less. Since we have more pressure in the tires on the road we've also noticed how much easier it pulls there as well."
- George Heinzle, Terryland Farms
Kees Hogendoorn
Customer Testimonial
"We were pleased with the speed of deflation and we noticed right away that the tanker pulls much easier in the field. AgriBrink's product support has been excellent and we are very satisfied with our investment."
- Kees Hogendoorn
Rodney Weber
Customer Testimonial
"I am quite satisfied with the benefits we have seen with the system and some customers are very conscientious about compaction. This has allowed us to get extra business doing custom work which we are also very pleased to see."
- Rodney Weber, Weber Farms
Geert Geene
Customer Testimonial
"We really like the simplicity of using the system. I don't think it could be any easier to use, you just have to flip a switch. We have also noticed how we cannot see tire tracks on our hay ground after spreading with the tires at low pressure and this just shows the flotation we have gained."
- Geert Geene, Amberley Bacon Company
Ian Matheson
Customer Testimonial
"We're happy with how simple the system has been to use and we know the benefits are there. We definitely would buy this system again."
- Ian Matheson, RM Matheson Farms

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